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Do you routinely find yourself at an increased risk of dental damage? It could be linked to poor oral hygiene tactics or a poor diet. If for any reason you are constantly at risk for cavities and dental erosion, you will need to provide yourself with additional tools to help keep your smile safe. Beyond improving your overall health care, consider visiting your dentist for the application of a dental sealant.

Dental sealants are cosmetic dentistry treatments designed to cover up and protect the chewing surfaces of teeth from additional risks of tooth decay. Studies have shown that a dental sealant application can lower the risk of tooth decay by much as 80% in a tooth. They have even been proven safe for children. Studies have shown that children with dental sealants in place are three times less likely to suffer from tooth decay. They are even safe to use at a very young age When a child’s molars begin to grow in, which is typically around the age of six, a dental sealant can be placed.

Typically, dental sealants can last up to 10 years before a replacement may be needed. If you are in need an additional layer of protection atop your tooth enamel, consider the use of dental sealants. Because they’re known for their durability, they can provide up to 10 years of protection before a replacement may be needed. Due to the fact that your tooth enamel is vulnerable to risks of erosion at the hands of harmful acids, dental sealants can protect your teeth because they can resist these acids and any damage that they would otherwise cause.

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