Dental Technology

Dental Technology

Dental technology refers to the innovative tools, equipment, and digital systems utilized in modern dentistry to enhance patient care, diagnosis, and treatment. It encompasses a wide range of tools, techniques, materials, and equipment dental professionals use to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and comfort of dental procedures.

Dental technology includes digital imaging, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) for creating dental restorations, laser dentistry, intraoral cameras, and advancements in materials like tooth-colored fillings and dental implants. At J. Whitley Wills, DDS, these technologies enable our dentist to diagnose oral conditions more precisely, create customized treatment plans, and provide patients with safer, faster, and more comfortable dental experiences.

Digital X-Rays

Dental X-rays in Memphis, TN, are an essential diagnostic tool that helps us detect any underlying issues that may be invisible to the naked eye. At our office, we use digital X-ray technology because it provides several advantages over traditional film X-rays.

With digital X-rays, we can view the images immediately on a computer screen, allowing us to see your teeth and surrounding structures with remarkable detail. Digital X-ray machines also emit up to 90% less radiation than traditional X-ray machines.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a small device that allows our dentist in Memphis, TN, to take detailed pictures of the inside of your mouth. These pictures can help you see what the dentist sees when examining your teeth. The camera is about the size of a pen and has a light on the end that illuminates the inside of the mouth.

Intraoral cameras can be a valuable tool for both patients and dentists. For patients, the pictures can help them to understand better their oral health and what treatment options are available. For dentists, the images can help to identify potential problems and recommend appropriate treatments.

iTero Digital Impressions

iTero digital impressions are quickly becoming the gold standard in orthodontic technology. These scans allow us to create accurate 3D models of your teeth in minutes. The scanner is non-invasive, comfortable, and fast.

With traditional impressions, patients must bite into a tray filled with messy putty that hardens over time. This can cause discomfort and gagging for patients. It also requires multiple trays to be switched out throughout the appointment.

With the iTero digital impressions, use a small wand to scan the inside of your mouth. It only takes a few minutes to complete the scan, and the wand is comfortable to hold and manage. Once the scan is complete, the 3D model is created immediately.

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