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Protecting your mouth against damage encompasses all forms of damage. Not only can your teeth be damaged due to bacteria and plaque buildup, but physical trauma and oral accidents are also quite prevalent. Effective planning can dramatically lower your risks for dental damage. For instance, if you partake in any contact sports or high-risk activities, always remember to wear the proper safety gear. One particular form of protection that tends to be highly effective is mouth guards.

Mouth guards are designed to go over the top of your teeth to cushion any blows that may occur. Mouth guards have the capabilities of saving your teeth from damage that can cause tooth loss and severe trauma. Although peer pressure may influence your decision to not wear safety gear, your smile is more important than looking brave and strong amongst your peers.

Most mouth guards can be customized and modified to precisely fit your exact dental profile. They can often be molded or shaped with boiling water or similar mechanisms to contour to your teeth and gums. However, if these are not readily available, there are one-size-fits-all mouth guards that should be used in their stead if no other options are available. Even minimal protection is better than no protection at all. If your mouth guards become damaged or worn, replace them as necessary.

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