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Tooth enamel is a hard shell that protects the teeth from bacteria and other harmful substances in the mouth. It’s like a protective layer that keeps the internal structures of the teeth in tip-top shape. It’s very important for the health of the smile. Unfortunately, there are many things that can cause weak tooth enamel, and our dentist, Dr. J. Whitley Wills, encourages you to help your children have the strongest tooth enamel possible.

The causes of weak tooth enamel in children include certain medications the mother took while pregnant or certain medications the child took early on in life, early childhood diseases, and poor childhood nutrition that lacks in vitamins and minerals that build the enamel.

Fortunately, there are a couple things you can do to prevent weak tooth enamel for your child. The first thing you can do is talk to your dentist. There are treatments available, like fluoride treatments and fluoride supplements, that can strengthen your child’s tooth enamel and keep it in tip-top shape. The second thing you can do is avoid giving your child acidic foods and drinks, like tomatoes, orange juice, soda, etc. Acid attacks the enamel and wears it down. If you do give them acidic foods and drinks, please wait 30 minutes to have them brush their chompers.

If you have any questions about how to prevent weak tooth enamel in Memphis, Tennessee, please contact Dr. J. Whitley Wills at 901-726-9525. Our dental team is happy to help you and your child!